About Hailey

Henna-by-Hailey was originally formed in 2009 by Hailey Beitz,just 15 years old at the time. The inspiration came after taking many henna classes in downtown Brampton where Hailey soon realized that she had a natural talent, and creative flair, for henna.  Hailey completed local classes as well as an All Natural Henna course and was subsequently awarded the All Natural Henna Certification.

Hailey is a gifted henna artist who has incredible freehand abilities. This is quite clear in her personal designs and can be witnessed in her portfolio, designs of which are not seen anywhere else. The genres range from traditional to modern with some crossing multiple design-era’s.  

Hailey is currently enrolled in school to become an art therapist. Her love of Henna is helping to pay for her education. She also hopes to share her love of henna-art by teaching courses once she has completed her degree.